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maison labarbe


First and foremost, Maison Labarbe is the meeting ground for a group of epicureans. We were aiming for authenticity, quality and traditional know-how, so we brought in Serge Labarbe, breeder in Bazas, to come up with a farm that would meet all of our expectations.

Hearty eaters, gourmets and refined palates, we wished to share our love for this high-quality and traditional meat. Confidential until now, the Bazadaise meat has always pleased the gourmet people of our beautiful region. By creating Maison Labarbe, we wanted to give you the opportunity to spend a  typical bazadais time wherever you are.

 « My cows live happily in a natural environment, eat meadow grass, ivy, bramble shoots, nettle heads and during the winter I feed them with hay, taken from my natural meadows which have no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. »

– Serge Labarbe


Serge Labarbe, whose father was a farmer, had left the family estate to work in a carpentry shop. However, it is not easy to leave the fresh air and the green grass of Bazas… Serge returned to farming and now keeps perpetuating the tradition of breeding one of the most noble cattle breeds with us: the Bazadaise breed, also called «the Grise of Bazas».

Our Bazadaise beasts are born and grow in Bazas and are led to the slaughterhouse a few kilometers from the farm. We can therefore guarantee the traceability of our meat in the purest breeding tradition of our terroir, and this, for over than 750 years.