the grise of bazas

a high-quality and traditional meat

Near the forest of Landes de Gascogne, our terroir has offered us a singular species of which it has the secret: the Bazadaise breed beef cattle. Their ashy color and their crescent-shaped horns pointing downwards make them recognizable by everyone.

Anchored in farming traditions over 700 years old, the Grise of Bazas counts among the best breeds meat: its fine grain and fat marbled had made Jacques Chirac, former President of the Republic and gourmet say: «the Bazadaise is the smallest meat breed but it’s the best!»

Like Kobé beef, this breed has a small size and a dark color. Known for its fineness of bone, the Bazadaise offers meat in the best places, such as the fillet, the leg or the rib: for the gourmets’ greatest pleasure!

« The Bazadaise is above all a singular breed. Physically first: its beautiful color, its small size and the shape of its horns make us recognize it at first glance. By its character as well: it is not an easy beast and the breeder must be able to gain its confidence. It is a real pleasure and a massive pride to watch every day over my animals which are the symbol of Bazas! »

Serge Labarbe


The fattening tradition of Bazas oxen dates back to the 13th century. We are proud to perpetuate this age-old know-how which is the reputation of this appellation. Our animals are bred in the fields, where they graze the grass of our meadows during the warm seasons and chew forages in winter. We feed our oxen and heifers with a mix of corn, local grains and minerals. The result of this care is a naturally scented and marbled meat, tender and tasty, with a subtle hazelnut taste.


Every Thursday following Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) at the beginning of February, for more than 700 years, the oxen of Bazas, crowned with flowers, have been parading in front of the cathedral of Bazas. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages and is still famous today for the Grise of Bazas, which is the pleasure of our region’s gourmets.

© Gueuleton