Our values

At Maison Labarbe, we are proud to watch over our calves, our cows, our oxen and our bull, all of whom are of the Bazadaize breed. We are also proud of our natural meadows and of our breeding traditions. This is how we preserve the authenticity of our know-how and the quality of our products.

Heirs of our beautiful region of Bazas, we also want to share with you the love of good things and the pleasure that results from a well done job.

Our meadows are natural, added chemicals free, our cows and oxen are fattened with a mixture of flax seeds and hazelnuts.
 «I live the development of our artisanal production with a passion for the well done job. Some promote luxury or exclusivity, we promote authenticity and quality. We are just as proud to be present on the tables of restaurants as on the family tables at home, or simply for a pleasure for two or between friends. An experience of the Maison Labarbe is a time meant for being repeated and not a simple discovery.»
– Serge Labarbe

At Maison Labarbe, our meats are matured: like aging cheese or aging wine, beef takes time to become a tasty and tender meat. The beef of Bazas requires a minimum of 2 weeks of rest in a cold storage and is then worked by the butchers and restaurateurs carefully selected by us.