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At Maison Labarbe, we have worked on the development of an artisanal range of cooked meats for all appetiser lovers but also for friends and family.

Our plain beef sausages or those with sheep cheese, Bordeaux ceps or Espelette pepper will generously garnish the menus of your wine bars or the stalls of your butchers.

Our gourmet menu also offers also rillettes, chorizos, dried meat or our own broth with a strong taste of bone marrow for your simmered dishes.


At Maison Labarbe, we work with a selection of restaurants, butchers and gourmet grocers, that respect the products and love working with meat. Carefully matured by the chefs, finely cut by the butchers: you will share a gourmet and an authentic Bazadais time, wherever you are.

Cooked in the Girondine way, simply served with shallots and butter, or cooked for hours in casseroles by our chefs: the Grise of Bazas will leave you a lasting memory whatever the recipe.