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A plate full of love

A rich and slightly marbled meat with all the flavor of a “Protected Geographical Indication” meat from the Gironde. Enjoy to your heart’s content!

The story of the Grise of Bazas is mainly a love story. Hearty eaters gathered around Serge Labarbe, for a gourmet bovine breed: the bazadaise which has been making the lovers of our beautiful soil happy for several centuries. Our refined palates and meat enthusiasm made us meet Serge Labarbe, breeder of our Grises of Bazas in the town of the same name. We wanted to create a farm practicing the traditional breeding and a high-quality fattening of the cattle on order to obtain this fantastic taste and texture of the meat. This is an additional guarantee for us to be able to provide you with a high-quality product, and totally respectful of our lands and our terroir.

Our meadows are natural, and chemicals free. Our cows and oxen are fattened with corn, clovers, fescues and alfalfa seeds. This is the guarantee for us to offer you a high-quality product, and totally respectful of our lands and our terroir.

At Maison Labarbe, we are proud to watch over our calves, our cows, our oxen and our bull, all born, bred and fattened at Bazas. Our animals are then taken to the slaughterhouse of the town: we can thus guarantee the traceability of our meat in the purest peasant tradition.

From this passion and this labor, results a meat naturally scented and marbled, tender and tasty, with the subtle taste of hazelnut, that you will find at the stall of the butchers and at the table of the restaurateurs carefully selected by us.

We have also worked for several months to develop a range of cooked meat from our animals. You will soon find sausages, chorizos, rillettes and other dried meats on our website, in wine bars, gourmet grocers or at your butcher’s store.